Occupations Outfits Pack (4 premium stories included)

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Learn about future job skills through Codi’s Occupations outfits packs!
Teach your kids about fire safety and doctor’s appointments with Codi’s new firefighter and doctor outfits!
Each outfit is 100% polyester and is fully washable.
PLUS, this outfit bundle comes with an activation code for free premium story content!:
  • I Know Fire Safety: Learn essential fire safety skills recommended by the U.S.’s National Safety Council
  • Firefighter Training: We visit a fire academy and learn about the preparation and training recruits go through to serve their communities.
  • My Doctor’s Appointment: Follow Stan as he gets a routine check up at the doctor, and why all those steps are necessary.
  • Hospital Residency: A doctor-in-training describes how she's getting ready to take care of people and how she chose her medical specialization.

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