The Technology Behind Codi

With onboard memory for offline play and over 10 hours of battery life, Codi is a companion during the day and night.
Featuring a fully curated audio experience with age-appropriate content in a cute, child-safe package.

Codi is internet-connected to provide access to a variety of content and new updates, as well as smart recommendations to provide a personalized experience for your child. As a parent, you will have full transparency into your child's playtime, and you can have as little or as much control as you want.


Compatible with iOS and Android

CODI on Mobile App

Compatible with iOS and Android. Through Codi's mobile app, parents can manage content played and their child's experience.

The app allows you to:

• Manage playlists to find new content, trim playlists, and download your child's favorites for offline use

• Send and receive voicemails between the app and Codi, and use Bluetooth mode to stream your own music

• Push step-by-step routines called Habits, like Nap Time, Clean Up or Brush Your Teeth