Here are some of the most common, frequently asked questions that we get from customers.
We take this pretty seriously, so please feel free to contact us if you need to! 

Codi’s recommended ages are 12 months to 7 years old. Our research found that on average, children ages 3 and up are most engaged by an audio story format. For children of all ages, Codi can also act as a nightlight with calming music or as a DJ that plays songs that help your child develop her motor skills. We also designed age-appropriate content to address certain developmental milestones at specific ages, such as going to school and meeting new friends.

Codi will be able to play 200 free songs and stories via a button interface or through voice commands. We expect our voice commands to get better with time—as of now, natural language processing (automated interpretation of human language) has trouble understanding children who are learning how to pronounce words themselves. As your child plays with Codi more, your toy’s ability to recognize your child’s voice will get better. Your voice data will also stay on our secure servers, with the option to delete that data at anytime.

You can also use the Parent App to send and receive voicemail messages to your child's Codi device. Another feature are routines you can push to Codi from your Parent App--from starting snack time, brushing teeth, cleaning up or getting ready for bed, Codi lays out common routines step-by-step.

You can track your order through our website. If there are any issues with your order, please send us an email with subject: “Order” to support@pillarlearning.com.

Codi is a genderless robot. We debated a lot over Codi’s background and settled on using his status a robot as a teaching opportunity for children, with lessons not only on how to stay safe in our digital age, but also insights into how robots ‘think’ and how robots are different from humans. We hope that our lessons will not only help children develop into responsible digital citizens, but also give them an early peek into STEM subjects.

Codi currently supports English. We’re planning on additional language learner packs after launch and versions of our stories in other languages as well.

You will need a Wi-Fi connection to set-up and access all of Codi’s functions. After set-up, Codi can store your favorite songs and stories and play them while offline--that means your child can take Codi anywhere and still be able to listen to their favorite songs and stories. Like every other connected device, you must maintain a WiFi connection to access voice functionalities, send and receive voicemails and customize your child’s content library through the app.

Codi has a rechargeable battery with a microUSB port. Simply plug the included microUSB cable into any USB Type A port to charge!

Please email us at support@pillarlearning.com!