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Hi, my name is Dayu, and I am the creator of Codi.

I grew up with classic PBS kids shows including Mr. Rogers, Reading Rainbow, and Sesame Street. Five-year-old me loved them because they were fun, entertaining AND (I had no idea at the time) they were good for me!

Only recently have I fully appreciated how much Mr. Rogersโ€™ gentle words, or even just LeVar Burton's story readings, have aided in my own growth and development. As parents, and future parents, of a very technologically driven generation, I became worried that the educational entertainment of the past was on its way out.

Thatโ€™s why I started Pillar Learning, Codiโ€™s parent company. I wanted to leverage new technology to best support our future generations. At Pillar Learning, we believe in sticking to the roots of wholesome content and using technology in the right way.

    Codi is a cute, smart toy that provides a fully curated audio experience with age-appropriate content. Codi is internet-connected to provide access to a variety of content and new updates, as well as smart recommendations to provide a personalized experience for your child. As a parent, you will have full transparency into your child's playtime, and you can have as little or as much control as you want.

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    General inquires may be sent to info@pillarlearning.com