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Codi offers educational content that teaches children through stimulating activities. Our creative process for stories starts with selecting classics that can impart life lessons for children. We identify socio-emotional skills and build original stories around common childhood experiences.

After writing, editing and finalizing our written stories, we work with voice actors to prioritize clear delivery of a moral or lesson first and engagement second.

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We’re constantly thinking about how to expand Codi’s library, so your child will not only have a fun time, but also experience content that addresses a wide range of developmental topics.

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Preview Codi's 100 Songs

  • Brush your Teeth
  • Wheels on the Bus
  • The Traveling Train
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little star

Preview Codi's 100 Stories

  • Belling the Cat
  • City Mouse Country Mouse
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • The Frogs and the Ox

Preview Codi's 30 Lessons

  • Welcome Aunt Annie
  • Sharing Important Feelings
  • When One Is More Than Two
  • Listen Carefully