Curated Fun Without a Screen

An interactive smart toy with age-appropriate content personalized for your child

Coming soon with limited run pre-orders!

Introducing Codi, Your Child's Future Best Friend, That Offers:

Content You Can Trust

Plays hundreds of curated classic stories, songs, and lessons that are entertaining and educational

Personalized Experience 

Leverages AI technology to deliver a customized experience for your child's needs and interests 

No Screen Time

Interacts using voice and buttons to avoid potential negatives of screen time 

Designed for Kids

Cute design, soft materials, and highly expressive voice ensure an engaging and entertaining play experience your child will love

Designed for children up to 7 (Recommended for 3 to 7)

Arms You With Insights And Tools

Parents phone app provides valuable insights and allows for full transparency and control

Provides useful tools such as leaving voicemail from afar and building valuable habits such as brushing your teeth

Improves With Time And Use

Fully secure cloud system continues to provide new and exciting audio content updates

Smart system learns from your child's usage patterns to become more and more personalized

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