Codi Shark Outfit [Special Edition]

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DUN…. DUN….! DUN…. DUN….! DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN! Take a plunge with Codi and his Shark friends with this *Special Edition* Codi Shark Outfit! Rule the seas and primetime TV!

As Seen on ABC’s “Shark Tank”!:

This outfit is 100% polyester, and is fully washable.

Dress Codi up with cute outfits!

Codi has a variety of soft and huggable outfits. They make your Codi even more adorable. Stay active and have loads of fun with Codi and his outfits!

Soft and huggable materials

All Codi outfits are super soft and totally safe for your child. They are perfect for snuggling and bedtime.

Child-friendly design

Each Codi outfit has a handle, allowing children to Carry Codi around easily in their hands.

Completely machine washable

Made from 100% polyester material that is completely machine washable and easy to clean. Take Codi out in the world without any worries!

Play dress up with Codi

With Codi's variety of outfits, kids can choose their favorite for playtime. Dancing with monkey Codi, going back to pre-historic times with dinosaur Codi, or pretending to be doctors and firefighters with our special occupations outfits.

More new designs on the way!

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