Your Child's Best Friend

Codi is A Smart DJ With Curated Content and No Screen

Codi Entertains Your Child with Safe and Fun Content


Codi's Features

Content You Can Trust

Plays 200+ curated classic stories, songs, and lessons that are both entertaining and educational.

Personalized Experience

Leverages AI technology to deliver a customized experience for your child's age.

No Screen Time

Interacts using voice and buttons to avoid the potential negative effects of screen time.


This is much more appealing to little people because it’s not watching videos of other people playing with toys and making slime 40 hours a day. I really like that it’s child-orientated and a smart device. 

Jayme O.

I know for a fact that my kids will love it because of the storytelling and teaching them stuff they need to learn. My kids like the personalization and interaction the best.

Keisha H.

I think my daughter will feel excited about Codi because it looks like it’s for a child. My daughter can see it and say this is for me, this is mine. I think Codi does a really good job of incorporating learning and fun in a modern way.

Guilmarie M.

I like the songs, stories, the messages, and the outfits are adorable. My husband sent me the video and was like we need to get this!

Stacy M.

Codi is changing how your child interacts with technology

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Designed with Your Child in Mind


Curated Content That Grows With Your Child