Codi is at Toys "R" Us in NJ!

Dear Parents and Supporters,

    This is Chris, Co-Founder and Head of Product Hardware Development & Manufacturing at Pillar Learning, creators of Codi.

    It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of Codi at Toys “R” Us in Garden State Plaza Mall in New Jersey!

    When people think about the quintessential toy store, Toys “R” Us is immediately the name that comes to mind. Long, sprawling aisles filled with every toy you could imagine.… Construction blocks, action figures, fashion dolls, STEM toys, bicycles, tricycles, dinosaurs, trading cards, racing cars, planes, trains, and videogames…. children of all ages and with all interests could find their perfect toy. Nowhere else could come close to boasting such tremendous variety across categories-- and the magic of this unforgettable experience created a generation of “Toys R Us Kids”, whose imaginations were captured by the iconic toy store. 

    Now, this holiday season, after hiatus since Summer 2018, Toys “R” Us has relaunched as part of the b8ta family of retail stores, taking the TRU experience to a whole new level:

    The new curated TRU Kids stores feature 10,000sqft of space and are highly interactive, with new events and activities every day. Toys are displayed out-of-box, and customers can explore different brand stations to learn about each product before making a purchase. This is the perfect way for us to showcase Codi in-store, bringing us closer to families than ever before.

    We are proud and excited to be part of this momentous occasion…. because here at Pillar Learning, we’re still Toys “R” Us kids, just like you. Come join us at Toys “R” Us in Paramus, New Jersey:  

Toys “R” Us

Garden State Plaza Mall

2nd Floor

Paramus, NJ 07652